How to Exterminate Bees That Live Underground

Bees can and will live underground, not many will want to know this but it is very important to know because if you have these near you then they are very dangerous, even more so than bees that live above ground.  They can be very annoying to try to get rid of them and until you do then you might experience a lot of problems.  They have colonies and they can grow to enormous amount in numbers and if they are unchecked then who knows how many will form.

To get rid of your bee problems then you will need:

1.A spade

2.A plastic sheet


4.Garden soil

5.Enzymatic spray

6.Glass covers

7.A garden hose

8.Protective clothes

9.A handheld sprayer

10.A retail pesticide solution

So firstly, you should find out where exactly your beehive is and try to get a good look at the underground hive. Try to think whether you want to spray them or go down another route; if you spray them then the bees will die and the amount will probably be high but you need to keep on checking on this progress however. You will have to make sure you know where every entrance and exit point in the hive is so that you can block these later. Get your protective clothing which should include things like your trousers which should be long and boots that you can put the bottom into the boots. Long sleeved items for your top, shirt or jacket and tape the areas which bees can get through. A bee suit might be the best item to look for however.You will need to prepare the area that you are going to be spraying so that means every exit needs to be covered up so the bees don’t escape. Even putting some rocks into the entrance and exit points could help to stop them getting out, a few at each exit is useful because that way a good pesticide can work effectively.

enzymatic sprays are really great to kill the bees underground; this could be used however also after you find the bees have gone and that way the bee carcasses can be dissolved greatly but then again a garden hose or bucket of water might be just as effective. Spray the site and check on it once every day, and then the second day after the spray go back to the hive and find out if you can see any bees trying to come back or not. You could reuse the spray again to make sure you get rid of the bees; to squash the hive then take a spade and destroy it and cover that with soil so that every ventilation point is destroyed.Water will really be a good tool that you will find is very effective when you want this to work, any bees which have not died yet from the bee pesticide will wash away with the water and die stopping them reforming the underground hive.

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