Time Saving Tips – Electric Water Heaters

Hello I’m Jerri Winslet along with  kenneth ezel and we’d like to welcome  you to the digital classroom  brought to you by HD supply before we  begin I want to tell you that if you  have questions about anything we’re  going to be covering here today you can  ask those questions using the chat  feature which is on the right hand side  of your screen I just type that chat in  and we’ll get to those questions after  the show today after we’re done with the  this section and any time during this  this class you can type in those  questions you don’t have to wait till  the end of the show you can do that any  time and we’ll get to as many as we can  but how are you doing today I’m doing  well how are you.

I’m doing great today  we’re gonna be talking about electric  water heaters we’re gonna be talking  about a troubleshooting we’re also gonna  be talking about you know some tips that  is gonna make your job a little bit  easier some time-saving tips I know your  time is very important doing the kind of  work that you do you know you’ve got a  lot of things that’s on your plate  during a day and you know getting to if  you’re like working in the apartment  industry where you have a lot of  different apartments that that you’re  responsible for you know water heaters  is just one thing of you know a lot of  different issues that you might run  across so what we’re gonna do today is  we’re gonna try to give you some tips  that’s gonna make that a little bit  easier for you for your day and give you  some ideas that will help that water  heater maybe lasts a little bit longer  and you know that that will help that  water heater for the for future use so  let’s go ahead and get busy the first  thing I want to talk about you know  since we are talking about electric  water heaters and you know some of you  deal with a lot more than just that  having the right tools for the job is a  very big time saver so one of the things  we want to talk about is is the right  tools and this is an example of  something that might be useful in the  future this is a tool kit you know  provided through us by HD supply but it  comes with a lot of different things.

That’s going to be very handy  only for water heaters but for any other  issue that you might run into during the  day you know because you’re gonna be  dealing a lot of stuff from light bulbs  to you know weather stripping yeah  apartment maintenance you run into a lot  of different issues you’ll get calls to  go take care of several things dripping  faucets the weather stripping is leaking  around the door or my water heaters not  working so this has several different  hand tools that are great for yeah this  all comes together as one piece all the  tools came with it plus if you’re doing  water heater work especially like gas I  would probably add some open end  wrenches to go along with this and maybe  some pipe wrenches would be great as an  added feature with this this would help  out a lot and it’s a big time saver and  we’re gonna we’re gonna use some of it  in a moment now dealing with just the  water heater now this is an electric  water heater so we deal with electricity.

We have to have the right meters to  diagnose that so here’s a couple of  different things also this is an  electrical test kit that comes with  electric amp meter or excuse me a  voltage meter and it also comes with a  non-contact voltage tester to see if you  have power or not yeah and then a plug  tester to see if the plug is working  properly correct so this is a whole kit  that’s involved are that comes together  but you do have the multimeter this is a  just a typical multimeter like you’d see  every day a couple of things about this  made it does have a digital display it  does have a pretty wide range so we can  check a wide range of appliances and  different things this one is a you have  to manually set the scale or manually  set the range

Which means you have to be  pretty familiar with what you’re looking  for because you always have to set it a  little bit above that’s the expected  reading so you have to move it around  you have to be kind on top of your game  door yes yes know what you’re doing when  you’re dealing with that yeah what the  range is and it’s hard to remember  numbers so I’m usually not into that  it’s hard enough to remember what  something should read but gonna have to  remember what scale to set it on so that  that can become kind of difficult a more  upscale option or a little bit fancier  option yeah is it this digital meter  that’s auto-ranging  meaning that it automatically find the  correct range so I don’t have to  remember what something’s what range to  set it on I just said it to voltage or I  set it to resistance continuity whatever  it automatically go to the correct range  okay it also has a clamp on amp meter  which makes a speedy if you want to  check yeah.

That’s a time saver right  there especially if you’ve got a lot of  different water heaters in one location  that you have to check you can just walk  around and just tech those wires one to  that element and it and if it’s given  amps the the right correct amount of  amps it’s working correct and one of my  other favorite features using this meter  is that it’s backlit because a lot of  these water heaters are in dark claws  there’s or different things like that  and so when it’s backlit it’s easy to  see it actually has a little flashlight  on the top here you can kind of see it  shine on my finger so it kind of lights  up whatever you’re checking above it or  if you need to look at something it’s  all right there in the palm of your hand  and these are also available HD supply  just give it with your local sales rep I  think we’ve put some part numbers up  there for you if you’re interested in  something like this this is what we  recommend to work on these water heaters  just go ahead and contact your sales rep  and they’ll they can get that for you so okay

So what we’re gonna do now is we  have the right tools now we need to go  talk about the water heater now the  water here that we’re gonna be  discussing is a 40 gallon low boy it’s a  short water heater and it’s a typical  water heater that you might put in in in  apartment complexes underneath like an  air handler or up on a shelf it’s a it’s  a water here that you see a lot some of  you see a lot and it can be difficult  because of the space around that water  heater you may not have enough of it so  you know we’re gonna go over there talk  about that water heater talk about space  and and talk a little bit about  replacing an old water heater and  putting in a new one so let’s go over  there got it  all right we put it on a stand because  that way we can talk to you it’s a  little easier for us our backs aren’t as  good as they should my knees are bad you  know.

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